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What Is Arkadia Studio

The name Arkadia is derived from the greek word Arcadia, which existed in greek methodlogy as the home of the god Pan. In Eruopean Renaissance arts, Arcadia was celebrated as an unspoiled. harmonious wilderness.

We are an indie studio that exists for the sake of gaming and change in Yemen. We strive to create new universes and adventures for you to experience.

Our goal is to achieve a postive impact on society using digital methods of entertainment.

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What we do

Here's all the cool stuff we can do!

Game Development and Design

Got a cool game idea and you can't bring it life? We can create the entire game for you! from designing landscape and characters to teaching those characters to do cool tricks on command.


Whether it's your creation or ours we can bring things to life and make them move with black magic.


Can't draw? we got you covered! we will illustarte anything you might have in mind.


See all those menus and buttons layouts in applications and websites? we can create those and make them look pretty!

Web Design

Like our website? you can have your own cool website that we can design for you.

Web Development

Already have a design and can't get it work? we can do cool programming stuff to get that thing running!

Graphic Design

Wedding invitations, business cards, logos, cool funky posters you name it we can make it!

Android Development

We can make any application you like to have on an android device. Slight and convienent.


Meet our humble group

Marwan Al-Rajehi

Master Jedi AKA Manager

Abdullah Faisal

Creator of zeros and ones AKA Developer

Abrar Basahi

Ambassdor of Shapes AKA Illustrator

Firjah Kalaz

Sir Draws Alot AKA Graphic Designer

Lujain Al-Eryani

Makes computer go beep boop AKA Developer

Sedra Al-Ameri

Ice tea enthusiest AKA Graphic Designer

Yousef Al-Hadhrami

Killer of nasty bugs AKA Developer

Abdullah Al-Hadhrami

Love memes and Minecraft

Some cool people our members worked with


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